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Healthy Start in Life

We are committed to working with children, communities and our partners to ensure children's rights to early childhood development are respected, protected and promoted
Our priorities in Healthy Start in Life

Maternal, neonatal and child health

Working with families, communities and health services to promote health and safe births, prevent disease and ensure treatment of common illnesses, in order to eliminate preventable maternal and child deaths
FACT: Every year 5.9 million children aged under 5 die – 1 million on the day they are born and nearly 2.7 million in their first month
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Child nutrition

Preventing malnutrition through promoting adequate infant and young child feeding practices and micronutrient supplementation – and providing care and nutrition to children that are acutely under nourished
FACT: One third of children in low and middle income countries are affected by stunted growth. Nearly half of all child deaths are attributable to under nutrition
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Responsive care and early stimulation

Empowering mothers, fathers and caregivers to parent positively, using violence-free discipline, and provide their children with the care and opportunities they need to learn, build self-confidence and relate to others
FACT: A child’s happiness and development all depend on them receiving love, care that responds to their needs, and opportunities to play and interact
Illustration - education for all

Early learning and pre-school education

Working with parents, communities and education authorities to provide opportunities for learning from birth, including community-based playgroups and spaces and expanded access to quality, inclusive formal pre-schooling
FACT: Globally, only 54% of pre-school aged children are enrolled in pre-primary education; in Sub-Saharan Africa only 20% are enrolled
Our Healthy Start in Life results to date
  • €118 million
    invested in our healthy start in life programmes last year
  • 225,774
    professional and volunteer health workers trained
  • 10,760
    health and early childhood care centres constructed or improved last year