Let’s stand with girls in 2023

As we are nearing the end of 2022, we are looking forward to welcoming 2023, excited for a great year for girls in all their diversity.

To mark the International Day of the Girl in Nepal, 100 girls across the country took over the roles of various powerholders
To mark the International Day of the Girl in Nepal, 100 girls across the country took over the roles of various powerholders.

This past October, we worked with young influencers to launch the Girls Get Equal Power Youth Manifesto, in which they stated their demands, for a safe, inclusive, accessible and sustainable space for girls and young women, in places of power. We’ve seen already the manifesto open dialogues and be a tool for new bills to be created. So let’s use this momentum and raise our voices even louder in 2023!

January is generally seen as a time for resolutions. If yours is to take a stance and stand with girls so they get equal power, here are some key moments in 2023 to look out for. Make sure you mark these dates down!

International Women’s Day

📅 When is it? 8 March.

❔ What is it about? International Women’s Day was recognised by the United Nations General Assembly. This day is commemorated worldwide and is even a national holiday in more than 25 countries. It is a celebration for women’s achievements, whether they are social, economic, cultural or political.

🤷 Why should we care? This day sees a lot of engagement around gender equality and women’s rights. So it is an ideal time to talk about how girls and women, in all their diversity, want to be recognised as drivers of change in their communities and beyond. They want Equal Power Now, so they have a meaningful say in the political decisions that shape their lives.

Women Deliver

📅 When is it? 17-23 July

❔ What is it about? The Women Deliver conference champions gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women. The first conference first took place in 2007 in London and since has been taking place every 3 years. Although the conference is happening this year in Rwanda, it is also going to be accessible virtually by thousands.

🤷 Why should we care? This year’s conference is focusing on catalysing collective action to advance gender equality and to hold leaders accountable. This is a great time to engage with the rest of the world, including your local leaders, and ask them to stand with girls changing the face of politics.

International Youth Day

📅 When is it? 12 August

❔ What is it about? The United Nations General Assembly recognised International Youth Day in 1999. Young people around the world are encouraged to take action and organise activities in their countries, around issues affecting young people, from the climate crisis to gender inequality.

🤷 Why should we care? This will be a great opportunity to shed even more light on the Equal Power Now: Youth Manifesto, which was co-created with a group of young influencers aged 17-24. Since its launch, it was used and adapted by many more young people across the world, to call on decision-makers to open safe, inclusive, accessible, and sustainable pathways to participation.

Watch this space to see our activities and campaigns throughout 2023 and if you haven’t yet, make sure you connect with us on our social media channels and subscribe to our global newsletter.

Let’s all raise our voices and call on local leaders to ensure girls and young women are included in all decision-making spaces!