COVID-19 pandemic appeal

COVID-19 is unravelling decades of progress for girls’ equality. Please help stop the setback for girls in crisis.

Please support vulnerable children and help stop the setback

COVID-19: Girls in crisis

COVID-19: Girls in crisis

COVID-19 has set us all back in countless ways. But for girls in crisis across the world, it’s done more than just set them back. It’s unravelling decades of progress. Keeping girls from getting an education. From protecting themselves. From accessing basic sanitation and vital healthcare.

It’s keeping girls from choosing what happens to their own bodies and from enjoying equal rights. It’s keeping girls from everything they’ve worked so hard for.

Let’s stand with girls in crisis.

Together, we can stop the setback

We need to get girls back into school. We must protect vulnerable children from violence. We must provide essential health services to girls, and help the most vulnerable to access basic hygiene. We must prevent girls being forced to marry as a result of poverty.

Plan International is committed to raising €100million to keep children safe

Plan International aims to stop this setback for vulnerable children worldwide, directly supporting 20 million people – especially girls and young women. Plan International’s response will reach more than 50,000 communities across 52 countries.

Our response in India: #HelpIndiaHeal

As COVID-19 cases continue to surge in India, the country, which is in the grip of a public health emergency, is in desperate need of aid. 

Our response in India includes vital food aid, protection for COVID-19 workers, oxygen concentrators and the creation of temporary COVID-19 care centres to serve 10,000 COVID-19 patients across 20 districts. 

To support the most vulnerable children affected by this emergency and to protect girls and young women, find your donation office