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Case Studies

In Guatemala, virtual reality headsets are used as part of the Smart Schools project

Smart schools bridge digital gender divide in Latin America

Girls are challenging the stereotype that technology is ‘for boys’ by learning digital skills in ‘classrooms of the future.’

Samantha, shows the animation she made using her favourite app, Scratch Junior

Girl app developer raises awareness of the environment

By developing apps to raise awareness on issues that matter most to her, 11-year-old Samantha, from Nicaragua, is proving that girls are capable of creating technology and positive change. 

Ruby, 18, wants to become a lawyer

Ruby: "Stop showing us as weak and powerless."

Eighteen-year-old Ruby wants to become a lawyer. She won't let stereotypical representation of girls and women in Bollywood stop her achieving that dream.

Neetika 17, took over her community radio station to mark the International Day of the Girl

Girls in Nepal are demanding radio airtime

After taking over her community radio station to mark International Day of the Girl, Neetika now wants to see an end to discrimination against girls.

Football coach Chaguinha with his granddaughter Lorena

Chaguinha: football coach, girls’ rights ally and LGBTIQ+ advocate

Chaguinha is a football trainer, girl’s rights ally, LGBTIQ+ advocate, and role model to girls across his Brazilian community.

Radha Rani 10 years ago and what she looks like now

Radha escaped child marriage. Now she's a girls' rights leader

At 14-years-old Radha escaped from a child marriage. Now, at 24, she is continuing the fight for girls’ rights.

Adnan Melki and his daughter

The changing face of fatherhood in the Middle East

Adnan and Abu are proud to share the household workload with their wives. They are an example of changing gender norms in the Middle East that will pave the way for equality.

Rap group La Siembra

La Siembra: the family tackling toxic masculinity through rap

Adriana and her two daughters are helping fight machismo and gender stereotypes in Colombia through the power of rap music.

Santina wants to be prime minister of Timor-Leste.

Santina: I want to be prime minister

Last year, Santina, 11, from Timor Leste, took over the position of her prime minister for a day. Now she's determined to inspire girls across her country to become leaders.