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Case Studies

Radha Rani 10 years ago and what she looks like now

Radha escaped child marriage. Now she's a girls' rights leader

At 14-years-old Radha escaped from a child marriage. Now, at 24, she is continuing the fight for girls’ rights.

Adnan Melki and his daughter

The changing face of fatherhood in the Middle East

Adnan and Abu are proud to share the household workload with their wives. They are an example of changing gender norms in the Middle East that will pave the way for equality.

Rap group La Siembra

La Siembra: the family tackling toxic masculinity through rap

Adriana and her two daughters are helping fight machismo and gender stereotypes in Colombia through the power of rap music.

Santina wants to be prime minister of Timor-Leste.

Santina: I want to be prime minister

Last year, Santina, 11, from Timor Leste, took over the position of her prime minister for a day. Now she's determined to inspire girls across her country to become leaders.

Mohamed at his newly renovated school

Cash project supports children’s education in Mali

Conflict-affected families in Mali can now afford to send their children to school thanks to a cash for work project.

Amela and her young daughter were rescued by a Plan International search and rescue boat after 4 days in a tree

Mother spends 4 days in a tree to save her baby

To escape the lethal flooding caused by Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, Amela spent 4 days in a tree with her new-born child before being rescued by a Plan International search and rescue boat.

Tanaka and her family are glad to receive mosquito nets to keep them safe from malaria

Plan International distributes 160,000 mosquito nets following Cyclone Idai

The potential for malaria and waterborne diseases to spread among Cyclone Idai floods puts thousands of vulnerable children at risk.

Young woman receives WASH kit from Plan International in Mulanje district.

Plan International scales up response to Cyclone Idai Disaster

Plan International has scaled up its response to Tropical Cyclone Idai across Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi where hundreds of thousands are in desperate need of assistance.

Sisters Ruby and Ruchi prevented their own child marriages

Meet the girls who escaped child marriage

With nearly 1 in 2 girls married off before the age of 18*, South Asia has the highest prevalence of child marriage in the world. But girls are fighting back against this harmful tradition.