Dear Leaders

Tweet your leaders to demand Equal Power Now!

Reach out to decision-makers and ask them to uphold girls’ fundamental right to participate in politics.

Ask your chosen leader to publicly support the Girls Get Equal #EqualPowerNow campaign and share the Youth Manifesto!

Step-by-step guide

  1. Choose a leader who can help girls get Equal Power Now.
  2. Hit the click to tweet button and enter your leader’s @handle to direct it to an individual – or simply hit send and tweet to all your followers.
  3. Read our tips for keeping safe when contacting decision-makers.

How to choose a target

Not sure who to target? Choose your head of or state, or go to your government’s website to locate someone who deals with gender issues or youth participation and find their official Twitter handle!

How to stay safe

Protecting your safety and wellbeing are vital for any campaigning, whether online or offline. Here are some tips to stay safe when writing to your decision-makers!

  1. Protect your personal information.
    If writing a letter, avoid sharing your personal details such as your last name (only share your first name), home address, telephone number, your school’s name or mobile/telephone number or social media handles.
  2. Only contact leaders via an official twitter handle or email address
    Never contact leaders via personal or private contact details. Are you comfortable using your personal email and/or social media accounts for this action? If not, you could take action by post, anonymously, or collectively with your friends and networks.
  3. Report or block any suspicious replies
    Do not open any suspicious links or respond with your personal details. Report any suspicious-looking emails to your email service provider and block the sender so they can’t contact you again.
  4. Stay safe on social media
    Never respond to nasty, suggestive, or rude messages or posts. It’s okay to immediately end a conversation online without explanation if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

    For additional support, contact your national Plan International office.

    If you feel unsafe or need additional support, contact

Want to email your leader? Download our letter template

Download and open the below letter in Word, customise the demands if you wish, then copy and paste it in an email to your chosen leader.

letter template (English)


12.19 kb

Letter template (French)


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Letter template (Spanish)


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