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Wedding Busters stop child marriage in Bangladesh

Children in Bangladesh are uniting against child marriage.

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"Many of the girls that have almost been forced into marriage now spend their time trying to save other girls" says Emilie, a director from Norway who travelled to Bangladesh with Plan International to make one of a series of videos about child marriage around the world.

Despite recent progress on ending child marriage in Bangladesh, the country still has the 5th highest rate of child marriage in the world*.

The empowerment of young people, particularly girls, has been fundamental in addressing this ongoing problem.

Wedding Busters in action

Young people in Bangladesh are mobilising to inform and deter people from practising child marriage.

Chonda one of the Wedding Busters
Chonda uses acting to advocate against child marriage in her community.

A children’s group supported by Plan International, known as the Wedding Busters, has decided to put an end to the practice.

Firstly, they address parents contemplating the marriage of their child by discussing the consequences of the act, and emphasising the importance of education.

Determined to end the practice, they also inform parents about the illegality of the practice, and will alert authorities if necessary.

Decreasing child marriage rates

One of the Wedding Busters, 15 year old Chonda, facilitates discussion and creates awareness of the issues: “I'm making a play about child marriage; against dowries and child abuse,” she says.

girls almost forced into marriage spend their time trying to save other girls

Helped by the work of girls like Chonda and the Wedding Busters, rates of child marriage in her community have dropped from 70% to 20% in 4 years.

Wedding Busters is part of STUCK*, a web-series produced by Aftenposten in collaboration with Plan International Norway. The series features Emilie Beck as she travels around Asia to meet and share the stories of child brides.

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