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On the streets to pay for my schooling

Many young girls are forced into sex work in Uganda. This film is the first in a series about Plan International's programme to empower vulnerable girls in the slums of Kampala and help them escape the streets.

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An estimated 54,000 girls under 18 are forced into sex work in Uganda. In this film we meet Jacqueline who describes how she had to do sex work in the evenings to pay for her schooling. Lured by false promises of education and good jobs, many girls are trafficked to Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. Others are escaping poverty, sexual abuse or child marriage. We also meet Aisha who describes how she thought she was coming to Kampala to study and work in a bar, but was denied food until she did sex work. 

The girls are in Plan International's programme to empower vulnerable girls in the Kampala slums. The project, implemented by our partners UYDEL, trains girls and young women aged 13-24 who are sexually exploited and engaged in sex work. They are trained in skills ranging from business management and entrepreneurship to life skills and awareness of their rights to enable them to earn alternative livelihoods. They also gain access to sexual reproductive health information and services including HIV/AIDS.

This is one of 5 short films exploring the impact of the project in supporting these young girls to start a new life for themselves and their children.

Part 2 looks at how we are working with bar owners to improve protection for the girls.

Part 3 shows how we're creating nursery spaces for sex worker's children so the mothers can attend training.

Part 4 reveals how vocational skills training is helping girls to escape sex work.

Part 5 focuses on how girls are setting up successful businesses and thriving thanks to the project.