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Plan International's project to empower vulnerable young women and girls in Uganda's slums works to educate the owners of bars where the girls work and protect their health and safety.

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In this film we learn that girls are forced to have sex for as little as $3. Often this money goes directly to the bar owner, who pays them in food. The film also reveals that men prefer young girls because they are more pliable and less likely to be HIV positive.

We also hear from a bar owner who went to a workshop run by Plan International, and who introduced a code of conduct for his clientele. This includes no underage girls and no drugs, along with a commitment to have free condoms in every room.

He was so moved by the workshop, the bar owner told his underage girls to go to a training centre where they could learn new skills. Watch the next episode to find out more.

This film is the second in a series about Plan International's project to empower vulnerable young women in Kampala's slums. The project has so far trained or educated over 500 people who have an impact on the girls' lives, including bar owners and traffickers as well as local leaders and policemen.