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Girls celebrating in Ethiopia
Because I am a Girl is dedicated to ensuring gender equality

Our extensive research shows that girls continue to be the single most excluded group in the world. They face discrimination and abuse simply for being young and female.

Girls and young women are often denied their right to:

  • education,
  • engage actively and equally in society,
  • take important decisions about their futures and bodies,
  • justice and equal opportunities,
  • protection from gender based violence.


We believe that gender equality is central to achieving long-term change. We have a vision of a world that values girls, promotes their rights and ends injustice.

Join the movement Because I am a Girl is a global movement driven by Plan International to ensure girls everywhere can learn, lead, decide and thrive.

Youth delegate speaking at a meeting in Uganda
Gender equality is central to achieving long-term change.


All girls have the right to quality, safe education and access to lifelong learning. An educated girl is more likely to marry later and have fewer, healthier children. She has a better chance of staying healthy herself.


All girls and young women have the right to take part fully in the political life of their community and country. We’ll support and empower young female leaders to drive social, economic and political change.


All girls have a right to decide if and when to marry or start a family. Ensuring girls are able to make decisions about their futures is fundamental to achieving gender equality.


Girls have a right to reach their full potential, to realise their personal ambitions. To do this, they must be able to live free from violence and discrimination and have equal economic opportunities.


In 2015 world leaders agreed an ambitious set of goals for sustainable development. However, they will only be achieved if we can unlock the power of girls. Otherwise, girls will continue to be left behind.

Without a bold new movement that confronts the root causes of discrimination, girls will still be denied their rights and remain unable to reach their full potential. 

Because I am a Girl is dedicated to ensuring gender equality and upholding the rights of all girls and young women by 2030. We strive to achieve this by collaborating with children, communities, civil society, governments and other partners to implement long-term programmes that target the root causes of inequality.

Join Plan International’s Because I am a Girl movement for girls’ rights