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large group of childrenWe work with partners at all levels to ensure that the impact of what we do is felt from the boardroom to the classroom. Some of our partners include:

Nokia/Plan Kids Waves

Kids Waves – a popular radio show made and broadcast in 10 countries in Africa  – is just one example of how Plan’s partnership with Nokia, a world leader in mobile communications, is helping children to speak out. 

The show is produced in different communities every week. Children from the communities are trained in child rights, radio production and hosting techniques, and are then involved in all aspects of producing the show.


In eastern and southern Africa, we are working in partnership with Barclays Bank to develop innovative microfinance projects, with an emphasis on expanding financial services to the ‘unbanked’ and exploring new financial systems.

A total investment of up to US$20,000,000 is envisaged.

Special Olympics

We have partnered with Special Olympics, an organisation that empowers individuals with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through sports training and competition. 

The partnership is aimed at raising awareness on the rights and needs of vulnerable and marginalised children and families.

African Movement of Working Children and Youth

In partnership with ENDA Tiers Monde, we work with the African Movement of Working Children and Youth to help children realise their rights.

This initiative has helped the movement gain visibility and bolstered its membership across the continent, which now totals 37,000 in 19 countries.

United Artistes for African Rap

We are working with the United Artistes for African Rap (AURA), a network of African rap artists,, helping them to use their voices and music as a catalyst for development in Africa.

Through a campaign dubbed ‘Poto-Poto’, AURA aims to sensitise people on the rights of children and the problems they face.

African Child Policy Forum

We work with the African Child Policy Forum, an independent advocacy organisation,to support the development and implementation of effective laws and policies on child rights.

Speak Africa

We work closely with Speak Africa, a pan-African youth platform adopted by the African Union, to communicate issues affecting youth on the continent.