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What we do

Plan focuses on child rights and enables communities to improve the lives of the most marginalised children by working with women, youth, and civil society organisations.

Our country strategic plan has 4 programmes that are  implemented through different interventions.

Protection and participation of children

child protection and participation-egypt-180

Plan aims to promote the rights and interests of the world's children.

This programme mobilises communities to include and support the protection, participation, and development of children implemented through the interventions below:

  • Children in street situations: helps integrate children in street situations back into the community. Read more >>>
  • Child labourers: works to eliminate and reduce the worse forms of child labour. Read more >>>
  • Community-based rehabilitation: aims to ensure people with disabilities access services and are included in decision making. Read more >>>
  • Children’s clubs, and child protection committees: promotes positive, non-violent and non-discriminatory behaviours towards all children.
  • Learn Without Fear and community schools: protects children from violence in schools and increases quality and inclusive education.

Youth development and leadership

youth empowerement-egypt-180

Plan is promoting youth clubs in communities where activities for children and youth are very limited.

This programme builds young people’s confidence and capacity as key actors in community development, encouraging them to become active and responsible citizens using the following interventions:

Girls’ and women’s empowerment

Girls attending awareness training-Egypt

Plan encourages boys and parents to participate in promotion of rights and education so that they can support girls in an equal environment.

The programme provides space for girls and women to improve their skills and increase opportunities to engage them in public decision making and household economic security. Some of our main interventions focus on:

  • Banking on Change: encourage girls and women to save money and provide loans among themselves. Read more >>>
  • REFLECT: helps girls and women acquire literacy and numeracy while raising their level of awareness about their own rights.Read more>>>
  • Reduction of harmful traditional practice: raises awareness to reduce harmful traditional practices (HTP) such as female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C). Read more >>>
  • Parenting and early childhood development: promotes child development and good practices for the well-being of children aged 0-8 years. Read more >>>
  • New visions: designed to increase gender sensitivity and reproductive health knowledge among boys and young men aged 12-20.
  • Girls’ education initiatives: increases quality and inclusiveness of formal and non-formal education.

Active citizenship, civil society participation and alliances with the government and private sector

active citizenship

Plan works with young people to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to secure a livelihood so that they can support their families in future.

This programme works on strengthening local organisations and increasing children, youth and communities’ participation in civic engagement and public accountability processes for the rights of children. It also enhances partnerships between the private sector and  government institutions. The main focus  is: