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Because I am a Girl campaign

Across the world 62 million girls are denied their right to an education. Every day, girls are taken out of school, married far too young, and subjected to violence in school.

Plan International’s global Because I am a Girl campaign aims to support millions of girls to get the education, skills and support they need to transform their lives and the world around them.

When the lives of girls improve, everyone benefits, including boys.

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Case studies

The other Malalas

Girls, Sierra Leone

Malala was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan because she dared to be a schoolgirl. But violence isn't the only thing stopping girls from getting an education.


I'll take it from here

Girl, Pakistan

See the power of girls' education in Plan's award-winning video filmed in Malawi.

In numbers - girls' education

School rates

Just under 1 in 5 girls of lower secondary age is out of school.

Child marriage

1 in 3 girls in the developing world is married by the age of 18 and many are forced to drop out of school.


150 million girls, and 73 million boys, under 18 have experienced rape or other forms of sexual violence.


1 extra year of a girl's secondary education equals a 15-25% increase in income.


An increase of only 1% in girls' secondary education attendance, adds 0.3% to a country's GDP.