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The other Malalas

Malala was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan because she dared to be a schoolgirl. But violence isn't the only thing stopping girls from getting an education.

Watch the clip and meet the 'other Malalas' who face a daily struggle against poverty, prejudice and discrimination as they attempt to go to school.

For Farridah, harassment threatened her dreams. When her grandfather saw her being intimidated by boys on her way to class, he took her home, beat her and forced her to drop out of school.

Fast-tracking girls

But things are changing. Two years ago Plan set up the non-formal education project, which is now educating 11,000 girls aged 10-24 across Pakistan.

The project fast-tracks girls to grade 10 so they can get a school leaving certificate, as well as receive education on basic life skills - including health, sanitation and sexual and reproductive rights.

Malala Day

Malala celebrated her 16th birthday on 12 July 2013 - Malala Day - by leading the first-ever youth takeover of the United Nations in New York. She made a global call for all girls and boys to get an education.

Read how Plan supported Malala Day

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