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Our knowledge, skills, research and learning are used to create practical and adaptable solutions which make long-lasting positive changes in children and young people’s lives. Explore our research and experts blogs to find out more.

Young, Woman and Unemployed: The Triple Challenge

26 November 2015

This report analyses why women are the first victims of economic instability and proposes measures to mainstream gender at all stages of youth economic empowerment programmes.

Are Schools Safe Places for Girls and Boys?

18 November 2015

Plan International and the International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW) undertook research in five countries in Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam), to assess the prevalence, nature, response and reporting of various forms of school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV) in, around and on the way to school.

Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children in Child Marriages

17 November 2015

Parents who marry their children before they reach legal age are typically motivated by predetermined social and sexual norms, low value attached to daughters, poverty or humanitarian crises.

Confronted with social pressure and family hardship, they may seek in marriage a form of protection to shield their children from destitution, household food insecurity and, ultimately, sexual harassment.

Getting the Evidence: Asia Child Marriage Initiative

9 November 2015

The Asia Child Marriage Initiative report provides evidence on the causes of child marriage practices in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan. It also recommends how to increase protection of children's rights and to ensure children are not forcibly married at a young age.

Two years after the typhoon according to the survivors report cover

Two years after the typhoon according to the survivors

6 November 2015

This report records the insights and opinions of 339 children and adults 2 years on since Typhoon Haiyan hit their communities in the Philippines.