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The Report on the Route of Migration from Myanmar and Cambodia to Thailand

The route of migration to Thailand

1 April 2020

This report aims to increase the understanding of project staff and relevant stakeholders about the migration of Myanmar and Cambodian workers from their countries to Thailand.

Particularly, the report highlights the profile of Myanmar and Cambodian migrant workers in Thailand, recruitment procedures, migration routes from source countries to Thailand, and potential risks to forced labour and human trafficking.

We must accelerate efforts to eliminate child marriage in Asia.

Time to Act! Accelerating Efforts to End Child, Early and Forced Marriage in Asia

10 January 2019

Plan International firmly commits to preventing and eliminating child,  early and forced marriage through holistic interventions and in partnership with a range of actors and stakeholders. Building on the comprehensive body of research into the root causes and detrimental consequences,  we have further invested in identifying and exploring the effective interventions and strategies that have proven to be significantly reducing  this widespread practice. 

Their Time Is Now Cover

Their Time Is Now: Eliminating Child, Early and Forced Marriage

19 September 2018

This is the first phase into an extensive research on Child, Early and Forced Marriage (CEFM) in Asia. It provides a snapshot of CEFM in Asia, consolidates and analyses evidence over the past 15 years and outlines actions that must be taken. 

Climate change, girls and young women - research report

Climate change, young women and girls

21 August 2018

Vulnerability, impacts and adaptation in Northern Thailand. 

Into The Light Cover

Into The Light

8 June 2018

This study was conducted as part of Stopping Exploitation through Accessible Services (SEAS of Change). It draws in the main aspects of young female migrant workers in Thailand's seafood sector and their access to education, training and decent work opportunities and concludes by providing recommendations to expand their life choices.


Research into Gender Equality and ECD initiatives

1 August 2017

Between 2014 and 2015, Plan and partner organisations conducted research on the gender dimensions of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) initiatives in 11 countries. This synthesis report shows the research findings. 

Green Skills For Rural Youth in South East Asia

2 October 2015

In order to ensure the necessary ‘green transformation’ of market economies, it is essential that workers are skilled in environmentally friendly and adaptive practices. There can indeed be an element of ‘greening’ in all professions; it is essential, therefore, that the importance of climate change awareness and green skills training is understood by all. 

LGBTIQ+ bullying in Thailand's secondary schools

4 June 2014

Bullying targeting secondary school students who are or are perceived to be transgender or same-sex attracted: Types, prevalence, impact, motivation and preventive measures in 5 provinces of Thailand.