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Time to Act - Let's Go Digital!

25 May 2021

Using digital technology to end child, early and forced marriage and reduce adolescent pregnancy.

Girls and young women name education as area of life most affected by COVID-19

Halting Lives 2

27 April 2021

In their own voice: girls and young women on the impact of COVID-19.

Girls Action Plan in India

23 September 2020

The European Union’s Gender Action Plan II is coming to an end in 2020. As an organisation working with and for children and youth with a focus on girls, Plan International believes that it is essential to consider age and not only gender in the next Gender Action Plan (GAP III). Girls, in all their diversity, have specific needs that are distinct from those of adult women, and their priorities should be heard and integrated in the GAP III, as “nothing should be decided for girls without girls!” (young woman consulted, India).

Youth activist Edie from Sydney

Reporting to Authorities

3 December 2019

Girls' and young women's experiences of reporting harassment to authorities.

Manifesto for Adolescent Health

16 September 2019

Young people from Kenya, India and Brazil share the health challenges they face, suggest solutions and identify how they want to be a part of them.

Sharon, 19, lives in an informal settlement in Kampala where danger is ever present

Unsafe on the Streets

9 April 2019

This report looks at street harassment perpetrated by groups of men and boys across five major cities: Lima, Madrid, Kampala, Delhi and Sydney.

We must accelerate efforts to eliminate child marriage in Asia.

Time to Act! Accelerating Efforts to End Child, Early and Forced Marriage in Asia

10 January 2019

Plan International firmly commits to preventing and eliminating child,  early and forced marriage through holistic interventions and in partnership with a range of actors and stakeholders. Building on the comprehensive body of research into the root causes and detrimental consequences,  we have further invested in identifying and exploring the effective interventions and strategies that have proven to be significantly reducing  this widespread practice. 

Free To Be Report covers

Free to be: mapping girls' safety in cities

10 October 2018

These reports help to understand the experiences of girls and young women in 5 of the world's largest cities through the crowd-mapping website Free to Be.