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Shifting currents: insights from the Asian Development Bank partnership

13 August 2019

Insights from the Plan International and Asian Development Bank Partnership Journey.

Child-friendly feedback mechanisms cover

Child-Friendly Feedback Mechanisms: Guide and Toolkit

11 July 2019

This guide and 20 accompanying tools support practitioners to design, implement and monitor feedback mechanisms on humanitarian programmes.

Report cover: Changing lives

Changing Lives: An Analysis of Child Sponsorship Data

9 July 2019

This is the first study that comprehensively uses the complete dataset of 12 million surveys for a full-scale, independent analysis of child sponsorship. 

Plan International’s Global Policy on Safeguarding Children and Young People

Global Policy on Safeguarding Children and Young People

27 June 2019

Plan International's safeguarding policy aims to make sure no child or young person who is associated with the organisation comes to any harm. 

Adolescent Girls in Crisis front cover

Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Voices from Beirut

18 June 2019

This report explores the experiences of adolescent refugee girls - within two age brackets of 10-14 and 15-19 years- navigating the urban spaces of Beirut in order to access services and opportunities.

Tackling the Tabboo front cover

Tackling the Taboo: Ending child, early and forced marriage

13 June 2019

This report captures promising gender transformative work on child, early and forced marriages taking place in politically and culturally conservative contexts, including programmes led by grassroots organisations. 

Adnan Melki carrying one of his two daughters

State of the World's Fathers

12 June 2019

This report has a big ambition: we are calling for nothing less than full equality between women and men, in the workplace and in the home.  The third State of the World’s Fathers is rooted firmly in a feminist analysis of care, and the belief that unpaid care work must be valued as much as paid work, and shared equally between men and women.

Sharon, 19, lives in an informal settlement in Kampala where danger is ever present

Unsafe on the Streets

9 April 2019

This report looks at street harassment perpetrated by groups of men and boys across five major cities: Lima, Madrid, Kampala, Delhi and Sydney.