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Plan International UN Highlights Report 2020 Cover

Plan International at the United Nations: 2020 Highlights

15 December 2020

This report shares some of the highlights of our advocacy work at the United Nations in Geneva and New York during the year 2020, and some of our achievements in advancing children’s rights and equality for girls.

Girls Action Plan in India

23 September 2020

The European Union’s Gender Action Plan II is coming to an end in 2020. As an organisation working with and for children and youth with a focus on girls, Plan International believes that it is essential to consider age and not only gender in the next Gender Action Plan (GAP III). Girls, in all their diversity, have specific needs that are distinct from those of adult women, and their priorities should be heard and integrated in the GAP III, as “nothing should be decided for girls without girls!” (young woman consulted, India).

New York Hub 2019 - 2020 Annual Report

19 June 2020

The 2019 - 2020 Annual Report of the Plan International United Nations Office in New York. We engage with the UN to advocate for stronger international laws, policies and agendas to advance children’s rights and equality for girls.

Ensuring an Age, Gender, and Diversity Inclusive Approach to Internal Displacement

14 May 2020

The High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement has a unique opportunity to offer clear recommendations reflecting the rights of all internally displaced persons and their host communities by ensuring that age, gender, and diversity, including disability, are essential considerations.

COVID-19 Response: Addressing Specific Risks for Adolescent Girls

23 April 2020

While the COVID19 pandemic may have peaked in wealthy nations, in countries with far fewer resources, the worst has yet to come. When it does, the consequences could be catastrophic and unleash an unprecedented humanitarian crisis that the world is ill-equipped to respond to. 

COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response Plan

23 April 2020

The Global Humanitarian Plan (GHRP) for COVID-19 was launched at the end of March 2020. It provides a coordinated plan for responding to the direct public health and immediate humanitarian consequence of the pandemic, particularly on people in countries already facing other crises. These messages provide Plan International’s recommendations for strengthening the GHRP as in its first review.

Girls at the Center of the COVID19 Response

15 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic will profoundly affect the environment in which children grow and develop. The challenges for children, particularly girls, ranging from disruption in education, increased risk of sexual violence and mental health issues, will be much greater in poorer countries. Tackling this crisis presents a significant challenge for all Member States and stakeholders and will require the highest degree of global solidarity and cooperation.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Report

24 March 2020

New estimates published reveal that at least 21 million women and girls were uprooted within their countries by conflict and violence by the end of 2018. Two-thirds of these internally displaced women and girls were in Africa and the Middle East. Nine countries worldwide hosted over one million women and girls each: Syria, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Sudan.