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Childhood Interrupted

25 February 2018

Qualitative research conducted in partnership with World Vision International and Save the Children, reflecting the views, hopes and desires of children that have been affected by the Rohingya crisis. 

Over half of girls will marry before 18 in Bangladesh

Girls' rights are human rights

7 February 2018

In-depth study into the status of girls in international law, shedding light on gaps and trends related to girls’ rights  prompting the question: does the international human rights framework adequately protect girls from discrimination?  

Planning for inclusion report

Planning for inclusion

7 February 2018

Every child should be able to access and complete an inclusive, quality pre-primary, primary and secondary education. It is unacceptable that certain groups of children are prevented from doing so due to their gender, nationality, ethnic or social origin, religion or political preference, age or disability.

Alpana at home with her parents in Delhi. Gender equality is a growing discussion in India.

The missing target

19 January 2018

The Missing Target argues that to bring about real change we must look outside the workplace and beyond laws and policies, to address the root causes of gender equality. We must focus on how and where discrimination and stereotyping are holding women and girls back.

Open Plan: January 2018

4 January 2018

Open Plan is a quarterly research journal for Plan International. This edition has a strong focus on gender, particularly covering the complex, interrelated issues of gender discrimination in both education and child marriage. 

Plan International’s Global Policy on Safeguarding Children and Young People

Global Policy on Safeguarding Children and Young People

3 January 2018

Plan International's safeguarding policy aims to make sure no child or young person who is associated with the organisation comes to any harm. 

Let me decide and thrive

1 December 2017

Girls with disabilities are kept in the dark about their sexual and reproductive health and often don’t know how to protect themselves against abuse, pregnancy and disease. 

This report highlights the perfect storm of discrimination faced by girls with disabilities, which leaves many of them totally unaware of their rights.

The COP23 conference is being held in Bonn, Germany in November 17, under Fiji presidency.

COP23 Policy Brief

31 October 2017

Climate change is an intergenerational equity issue. Those who have contributed least to climate change are bearing the brunt of its impacts and will face the huge task of finding future solutions to adapting to and mitigating climate change impacts. Climate-related disasters often have disproportionate impacts on children and serious implications for their rights.