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Pathways to resilience


Pathways to resilience: Plan International's resilience framework

Resilience is critical in advancing children's rights and equality for girls. 

Today's risk landscape is more complex than ever, with different factors interplaying to create more humanitarian crises which are also lasting longer. 

Climate change is a significant driver of these crises, due to increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events often leading to economic hardship, displacement or localised conflict. Further, conflicts are becoming increasingly complex and protracted, often resulting from and contributing to fragility. 

Crises can undermine development, trap communities in cycles of poverty, reverse progress on gender equality and permanently impact girls' rights. 

Strengthened resilience can safeguard development gains and protect girls' rights from the effects of shocks and stresses. Resilience is also one of the key strategies to overcome the effects of the global climate crisis. 

Plan International has developed a new framework, Pathways to Resilience, which supports all offices across Plan International, and our partners, in our efforts to strengthen the resilience of children, adolescents and youths through projects, programmes and country strategies. 

The framework outlines Plan International’s approach to resilience programming and can be contextualised for different settings (e.g. rural/urban), adapted for different sectors (e.g. education, health), used across development and humanitarian contexts, as well as utilised for a comprehensive resilience standalone programme.

The framework contains 4 chapters:

  • Purpose of the framework and how to use it
  • Background of resilience (including our definition and theory of change)
  • Pathways to resilience (including key result areas, activities, outcomes and indicators, case studies)
  • Annexes (including glossary, resilience analysis guidance, M&E framework, FAQ, programmatic guidance).

Some of the links are only available to Plan International staff. To request any of the annexes please contact Jessica Cooke.