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Parenting Impact Study in Lira, Uganda, report cover

Parenting Impact Study in Lira, Uganda


Parenting Impact Study in Lira, Uganda

This report describes the development, implementation and evaluation of a 12-session, community-wide, parenting programme implemented in Uganda to promote child health, growth and cognitive development and to improve maternal well-being.

A community-based, cluster-randomised trial of the programme, conducted by leading researchers from McGill University, Canada, and Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda, demonstrated that the programme had resulted in improvement in critical parenting practices amongst participating caregivers; significant effect on maternal wellbeing with mothers reporting reduced depressive symptoms and higher positive support from husbands; and significant and beneficial effects on children’s cognitive and language development scores compared to non-participating children.

In a report on the evaluation in the Lancet* and an accompanying editorial, the evaluators note that this effective, low-cost integrated parenting approach has the potential to be replicated and scaled up in other low resource, village-based settings.


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