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OPEN Plan: September 2021


OPEN Plan: Volume 6 | Issue 1 | September 2021

This edition of OPENPlan offers a selection of diverse studies on combating forced labour and trafficking, gender financing, the promotion of sexual health and women’s empowerment, and the engagement of boys and men in family planning rights.

  1. The first report analyses the effects of forced labour and trafficking on female relatives of male fishers in the Philippines. 
  2. The second research report provides an overview of a gender financing project which maps funding across 3 country case studies in Nepal, Kenya, and Guatemala. 
  3. The third article is a final evaluation report of the “A Bloody Serious Matter: Menstrual Hygiene Management” project in Uganda. 
  4. The last article explores a report on the policy environment for male engagement in family planning across Bangladesh and Nepal.