Halting Lives 2

27 April 2021

In their own voice: girls and young women on the impact of COVID-19.

Over the last year Plan International has been conducting research into the impact of COVID-19 on the lives of girls and young women. 

This study took place, with three sets of data collection, between July 2020 and January 2021. It accompanies an earlier survey, Halting Lives: The Impact of COVID-19 on Girls and Young Women, carried out in June and July 2020, with 7000 respondents across 14 countries and involves in depth interviews with 74 girls and young women, aged 15-24, across the same 14 countries. The research tracks their experiences of COVID-19 and supplements the statistical analysis with a more granular understanding of the particular impact of the pandemic on girls and young women.

What has emerged as the major challenges in girls’ lives? How do they view the future? What measures need to be put in place to make sure that their lives and opportunities will not be irreparably damaged? The pandemic exacerbates pre-existing inequalities which makes girls and young women particularly vulnerable: the research reveals resilience but overwhelmingly it charts the negative effects of this year of COVID-19 on all aspects of their lives.

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Education, Emergencies, Children with disabilities, COVID-19, Education in emergencies, Safeguarding