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Burkina Team

Merger increases impact for children in West Africa

25 May 2018

In West Africa, Plan International is going through a period of transformation as we are merging with BØRNEfonden in Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali and Togo to become stronger together and increase our impact for vulnerable children in the region.

Children raising awareness of meningitis in their schools and communities

Tackling Togo's meningitis outbreak with community work

17 March 2016

Children and communities affected by the meningitis outbreak in Togo are spreading life-saving health messages with support from Plan International

Bravo, with his father, survived meningitis after a long journey to hospital

More medicine needed as Togo battles meningitis

9 March 2016

With Togo's meningitis epidemic spreading rapidly, Plan International is distributing medical supplies to support the country's health system.

Primary school children receiving meningitis vaccinations at school in Togo

Meningitis vaccines reach remote communities in Togo

29 February 2016

As the meningitis outbreak in Togo continues to spread, Plan International is rolling out vaccinations to thousands of vulnerable children and young people in remote parts of the country.

Young children from northern Togo

Meningitis outbreak in Togo puts children at risk

25 February 2016

Plan International is prioritising the needs of children as cases of meningitis continue to rise in the West African country of Togo.

Hortence, Togo

Don’t exclude us, include us!

7 December 2015

Children with disabilities face discrimination in many parts of the world and are subject to profound levels of poverty and exclusion. This series of photos shows how we are working with communities in Togo to ensure they are included in everyday activities and access their rights.