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Maria migrated to Ecuador from Venezuela with her father.

Adolescent Venezuelan girls feel unsafe in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

20 June 2021

For World Refugee Day, Plan International launches a research study on the situation of refugee and migrant girls and adolescents from Venezuela, living in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. 

Mariana and Natalia, from Venezuela, with their hygiene kits in Bogotá

Venezuelan girls and women “in crisis” due to period poverty

8 February 2021

Up to two million Venezuelan girls and women in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador lack access to the resources and education needed to manage their periods.

Faridah, 20, is working to make her city safer for girls in Kampala

Sexual harassment is biggest city danger for girls across the globe

2 October 2018

Sexual harassment is the number-one safety risk facing girls and young women across the world, according to a survey of global experts in 22 cities released today. The survey is the first of its kind to examine the safety risks facing girls and young women in so many different cities across the world.

Youth activists report feeling unsafe at King's Cross in Sydney.

City girls digitally map safety with 'Free to Be'

17 April 2018

An ambitious online safety map launching in five major cities worldwide aims to uncover the areas where urban girls and young women feel most safe and unsafe.

Peru flood: Aid for 3,000 affected families

6 May 2017

After the floods that affected more than 130,000 children in Piura Plan International is supporting the needs of more than 3,000 affected families.

Girls skipping over puddles in Piura, Peru.

300,000 children affected by floods in Peru

3 April 2017

Plan International is asking for action to protect the 300,000 boys and girls who have been affected by flooding in Piura, Peru. Our emergency teams are currently providing food, water and hygiene kits to those affected.

Angie, 17, by pool of stagnant water near her home in Piura

Supporting children affected by floods in Peru

27 March 2017

Seventy-eight people have died and over 100,000 left homeless after torrential downpours along Peru's Pacific coast. Plan International is at the scene providing food, water and building materials and supporting children in the community. 

Plan International logo

Peru faces second round of flooding and landslides

3 March 2010

Heavy rains and floods have once more hit Plan’s programme units in Cusco, Peru. The province endured 24 hours of continuous rain on 28 February - just weeks after initial flooding forced villagers out of their homes and into camps.