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Girl wearing Plan International face mask at school in Kaya department

Girls say education is area of life most affected by COVID-19

10 May 2021

Girls and young women have named education as the area of their lives most affected by COVID-19 in a study carried out in 14 countries.

Faridah, 20, is working to make her city safer for girls in Kampala

Sexual harassment is biggest city danger for girls across the globe

2 October 2018

Sexual harassment is the number-one safety risk facing girls and young women across the world, according to a survey of global experts in 22 cities released today. The survey is the first of its kind to examine the safety risks facing girls and young women in so many different cities across the world.

Youth activists report feeling unsafe at King's Cross in Sydney.

City girls digitally map safety with 'Free to Be'

17 April 2018

An ambitious online safety map launching in five major cities worldwide aims to uncover the areas where urban girls and young women feel most safe and unsafe.

Girls enjoying the digital learning centre in Delhi

Victory for gender equality as India bans 'triple talaq' divorce

23 August 2017

The Supreme Court of India has banned the practice that made it possible for a husband to divorce his wife simply by saying the word “talaq” three times. This is a significant victory for girls’ and women’s rights.

Families carry their belongings through floods in Bangladesh

South Asia floods put thousands of children at risk

18 August 2017

Plan International has launched a multi-country response to flooding in the South Asian countries of India, Bangladesh and Nepal that has claimed hundreds of lives and displaced millions.

Children's rights, Education, Empowerment

Transforming the lives of 2 million children in India

30 March 2016

Over the next 5 years, Plan International will invest in programmes to improve the lives of over 2 million of the most excluded and vulnerable children in 6,000 villages and slums in India.

Children on School on Wheels bus, India

All aboard the Mumbai school bus

27 August 2015

In the slums of Mumbai, India, children are more likely to go out to work than to school. This new video from Plan International shows how a travelling bus which doubles as a school is ensuring children still get the education they deserve. 

Child Labour, India

Protecting India's tobacco girls

12 June 2012

Hundreds of girls forced to work up to 14 hours a day in India's cigarette-rolling industry are looking to the future thanks to a new Plan International programme to help them realise their rights.

Baby 7 Billion Nargis held by parents Vinita (23) and Ajay (25)

Baby 7 billion: A milestone for girls' rights

31 October 2011

Plan is celebrating the birth of a girl in India as the world’s symbolic 7 billionth person, to highlight its campaign against female foeticide in the country.