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Damaged houses in Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas

Stepping up humanitarian assistance after Hurricane Eta

6 November 2020

Plan International is preparing to deliver urgent humanitarian assistance to children and families in Nicaragua in the wake of Hurricane Eta.

Girl, 12, from Dominic Republic.

Surge in violence against girls and women in Latin America and Caribbean

19 May 2020

Widespread lockdowns have resulted in horrific conditions where victims of violence and abuse have no one to turn to and nowhere to go.

Children from Honduras in holding facility between U.S. and Mexico

Inhumane U.S. border detention practices must be stopped

27 June 2019

After recent news stories have surfaced about the conditions of border detention centres we are calling on the U.S. government and Congress to adequately fund the protection of children and stop the inhumane treatment of migrants at the U.S. - Mexico border.   

Families are fleeing the conflict in Venezuela.

Venezuela’s girls at risk of violence and exploitation amid unrest

28 January 2019

Plan International is extremely concerned about the impact of the current political turmoil in Venezuela on the country’s children, especially girls.

Migrant mother and child.

Statement on arrival of Central American migrants at US border

6 December 2018

On October 12, 2018, thousands of people, including hundreds of children, began to walk from Honduras towards the United States, a distance of more than 1,500 miles. 

A girl from Honduras

Central American migrant caravan: girls must be prioritised

26 October 2018

Plan International is urgently calling for the needs of the thousands of children displaced from Honduras to be prioritised, with particular attention given to the needs of girls.

Faridah, 20, is working to make her city safer for girls in Kampala

Sexual harassment is biggest city danger for girls across the globe

2 October 2018

Sexual harassment is the number-one safety risk facing girls and young women across the world, according to a survey of global experts in 22 cities released today. The survey is the first of its kind to examine the safety risks facing girls and young women in so many different cities across the world.

Children sleep in a hostel set up in a school after the Fuego volcano eruption

Volcano eruption disrupts hundreds of thousands of children's lives

8 June 2018

The needs of the children, especially girls, affected by the volcanic eruptions in Guatemala must be a top priority for the international community.

Youth activists report feeling unsafe at King's Cross in Sydney.

City girls digitally map safety with 'Free to Be'

17 April 2018

An ambitious online safety map launching in five major cities worldwide aims to uncover the areas where urban girls and young women feel most safe and unsafe.