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Young people take part in climate strike action in Dhaka, Bangladesh

COP25: Outcomes lack urgency and ignore girls’ voices

17 December 2019

Plan International is disappointed by the outcomes of COP25 which lacked urgency, ambition and a focus on human rights.

Ngoc, 15, is often harassed on her to way school in Hanoi

Global study: authorities not acting on street harassment

2 December 2019

A major worldwide study on street harassment has revealed fewer than 1 in 10 incidents in 5 cities are reported to police, and when they are, less than one-third of cases were acted upon.

Araffa, 22, wants to stop gender-based violence

Girls are chalking back against street harassment

25 November 2019

From Nairobi to Delhi, girls and young women from across the world will document the catcalls they’ve been subjected to in public spaces by writing them in chalk on streets and pavements.

Joining Forces - Delivering progress for the most excluded children

Delivering Progress for the Most Excluded Children

19 November 2019

After 30 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, all governments need to do more to reach the most excluded children and make investment in their futures a priority.

Child Rights Now - marginalised children count

Millions of children at risk as governments fail to protect their rights

14 November 2019

Child rights organisations express outrage at global inaction as the UN marks the 30th anniversary of the most widely ratified international human rights treaty 

Nairobi Summit, 2019

Taking a Strong Stand for Girls’ Rights in Nairobi

14 November 2019

Thousands of young people, gender advocates, policy-makers and government officials raised their voices emphatically for girls’ rights this week in Nairobi.

Sex-for-food: girls face impossible choices in Southern Africa

4 November 2019

From sex-for-food to forced marriage, girls are caught between impossible choices for survival as severe food shortages sweep across Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.

Girls celebrating in Tanzania

Tanzanian top court upholds child marriage ban

24 October 2019

Plan International has welcomed the Tanzanian Court of Appeal’s historic decision to uphold the ban on child marriage in the country.

Hapsatou took over the position of General Manager of Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV), a major broadcasting company in Cameroon.

Girls are taking over the world's media

11 October 2019

October 11th marks 2019's International Day of the Girl. To celebrate, girls across the world are taking over the media and entertainment industries.