Programme Y.O.D.A

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Programme Y.O.D.A (Your Organisation’s Data and Analytics) is an organisational transformation programme that will help Plan International accelerate the implementation of its Global Strategy by enabling us to measure, analyse and report on the cost and impact of our gender-transformative programmes and influencing and make evidence-based decisions.

Y.O.D.A is therefore the cornerstone of our ambition to reach 200 million girls. It is a ground-breaking programme and the first of its type for any INGO.

At Plan International we engage people and partners to:

  • Empower children, young people and communities to make vital changes that tackle the root causes of discrimination against girls, exclusion and vulnerability.
  • Drive change in practice and policy at local, national and global levels through our reach, experience and knowledge of the realities children face.
  • Work with children and communities to prepare for and respond to crises and to overcome adversity.
  • Support the safe and successful progression of children from birth to adulthood

Programme Y.O.D.A helps us understand the cost, results and impact of our work and become more data-driven, efficient and transparent. It’s an ambitious programme which aims to  strengthen our finance, grants, supply chain, project management and monitoring and evaluation functions through improved business processes, ways of working and integrated IT systems which will be used as tools to help us carry out our end-to-end business processes.

It is a complex organisational transformation programme which sits within our longer-term business transformation journey and impacts Country Offices, Regional Hubs, Global Hub and National Organisations.

Radical transformation

Programme Y.O.D.A is a radical transformation for Plan International. For the first time, we will have integrated systems that reflect our end-to-end business processes, from when a need is first identified, and a project defined, through the gaining of funding, planning, implementation and reporting. This will help us become data driven and as efficient as possible. We shall also be able to demonstrate the results and value of our work, of how funding is spent, and be in a better position to get further funding to impact more children and girls.

Plan International is the first INGO to build and use integrated systems to achieve this. If you have been working in the INGO sector, being part of Programme Y.O.D.A would be a great opportunity to see how a joined-up approach to “your organisation’s data and analytics” can be transformative. You can gain skills and experience which will be appreciated by other INGOs and non-profit organisations looking to enhance their processes and systems for greater impact in the future.

If you come from a corporate background, this could be a fantastic opportunity to see how the business processes and systems (MS Dynamics 365 and Salesforce) you may be familiar with are used to support the end-to-end flow of work supporting the transformation of the lives of children and young people, particularly girls.

Plan International does amazing work! With Programme Y.O.D.A, we can really demonstrate the value of what we do – and become even more effective.

Would you like to join the Y.O.D.A team working on this ground-breaking initiative?

You’ll be partnering with senior leaders, technical experts and a 100+ strong dedicated workforce with different technical, social, and cultural backgrounds, passionately working hard every day to deliver the organisational ambition of becoming more data-driven and transparent to increase our efficiency, effectiveness and impact for girls.

Increasingly progressive

There are no systems on the market that match the requirements of an INGO. Plan International is taking existing products, building new products on Salesforce and in a data warehouse and integrating these to create a comprehensive system that keeps Plan International increasingly progressive, and meets the requirements for cost effectiveness and transparent accountability. The investment being made in this area is already being picked up by others in the sector.

Do you want to join us and be part of this ground-breaking work?