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How to be a male feminist

For girls to get equal, we need more male feminists. In this video Sifat explains how to be one.

In the fight for gender equality it is important to have male feminists as allies. Sifat, from Bangladesh, has been campaigning for gender equality and an end to child marriage from a young age. He can see how gender inequality in his community affects girls and women on a daily basis.

Sifat's top tips on how to be a male feminist

  1. Respect feminism: Respect others who are working towards gender equality
  2. Be innovative: Innovation will lead you to a bigger audience
  3. Work together: Find like-minded people and work with them to achieve your goals. This will increase efficiency. 
  4. Use your privilege: As a man you automatically have more privilege than girls and women. Use it to benefit the gender equality movement. This won’t reduce your own rights and will instead expand the rights of others. 

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