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Case Studies

Awareness of child marriage in Lebanon through a child marriage workshop

I want to decide my future and live my life

Girls from Syria who have fled to Lebanon are learning about their rights so they can take control of their futures.

Amal was nearly married off at the age of 11

11 years old and next in line for marriage

Amal, 11, is a Syrian refugee living in Lebanon. She was due to get married to ease the burden felt by her mother. However, thanks to Plan International’s support centre, she is no longer getting married and is looking forward to a positive future.

International Day of the Girl

Girl calls for equal representation in advertising

On the International Day of the Girl 2019, Rasha, 23, headed to the offices of Leo Burnett, a global advertising agency, and stepped into the shoes of its creative director to call for the equal representation of girls and women.

Adnan Melki and his daughter

The changing face of fatherhood in the Middle East

Adnan and Abu are proud to share the household workload with their wives. They are an example of changing gender norms in the Middle East that will pave the way for equality.

Girls discuss their rights at the Amel Association

Supporting girls to take control of their lives

In south Lebanon, girls are learning about their rights so they can make informed decisions about their lives and bodies.

Kholud, 10, is benefiting from life skills training in Lebanon

Life skills give hope to refugee girls

Despite high levels of child marriage and child labour among refugee communities in Lebanon, Kholud, 10, is looking forward to a positive future thanks to life skills training.

Sham raising awareness about violence in her community

Refugee women prevent violence in Lebanon

Women in Lebanese refugee camps are raising awareness about the effects of violence and are helping survivors of abuse get support following training from Plan International and the International Medical Corps.