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Case Studies

My birth certificate is not just a piece of paper

In Eastern Visayas, 25% of people do not have a birth certificate. But we’re working with local authorities to get children registered so they are able to exercise their rights.

From trafficking survivor to girls' rights campaigner

Abused and sold by her own mother, 24-year-old Carmela from Leyte is a child trafficking survivor who has turned her life around. Now a social worker, she is a staunch campaigner against the abuse and exploitation of women and children.

Involving women in decision-making

In the Philippines, an inspirational woman is supporting other women to get involved in decision-making so they can make a difference in their communities.

Protecting children from online sex trafficking in the Philippines

Around 100,000 Filipino children are believed to be trafficked each year. And the numbers are growing at an alarming rate with the rise of online exploitation. This is how we are empowering children and their communities to protect themselves from trafficking.

Children lead the protection of marginalised groups

Young people in the Philippines are becoming leaders in society and using their influence to protect marginalised groups.

Community members become champions in social protection

In the Philippines, groups of people are coming together to become active citizens and make positive changes in their communities.

Girl advocate calls for an end to violence

Read a powerful speech made by 16-year-old youth advocate Ghene to the Philippine House of Representatives as she calls on her country leaders to approve a law promoting non-violent discipline and banning corporal punishment.