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Case Studies

18 year old Jam who recently recieved a vaccination from Plan International Laos' mobile clinic team

Mobile health clinic saves lives

A Plan International-supported mobile health clinic is helping girls and women from rural and hard-to-reach communities with vital health care including midwifery.

Bounsy is so proud to own the first latrine in her community, she also teaches her 2 year old daughter to use toilet. She believes that her daughter will be healthier.

Toilets improve the health of communities

Plan International Laos is encouraging people to use and maintain hygienic toilets and is helping them understand how it will improve their health and well-being.

Vai from Khmu ethnic group of Laos

Good Morning, Vai

Vai, a 12-year-old child, lives in the remote and mountainous area of north-western Laos. Belonging to the Khmu ethnic group, Vai is learning about hygiene and attending regular classes at her Plan International supported school.

Health staff and skilled birth attendants are cleaning a health center to make it more comfortable and friendlier for villagers who come for health services.

True friend concept connects communities with health services

Plan International Laos is piloting a new 'True Friend' approach to encourage rural communities to access health services in Bokeo Province.

Yor is showing her convenience when having the water system working. Using water for toileting is very comfortable now

Water system reduces burden on girls

A sustainable water supply means that girls from rural Laos are able to spend less time doing chores and more time at school.

Villagers suffered from using unsafe water from polluted water system for a year before Plan International provided a safe and sustainable water system.

Safe water source improves children's health

Plan International Laos provides clean, safe water sources for communities so children's health is not put at risk by dirty water.

A 43 year old mother - Nang.

Vaccinations keep children healthy and mothers happy

Having access to vital vaccinations while children are young helps ensure that they will live healthier, better lives.

Vone, a 7 year old girl, used to participate in a pre-primary school summer course that Plan International Laos supports. This year, Vone is in grade 1 active and friendly adtitudes. She always volunteers to do activities in the classroom and outside.

Pre-primary education accelerates ethnic children's learning

Plan International Laos' summer pre-primary course prepares children under 5 in remote areas, where pre-school education doesn't exist, for primary education.

Today, Moe is happily leaning with her classmates and she doesn’t to worry about her school materials. Kenexay, Moe’s teacher, says that Moe is quiet slow in learning. I help her to improve her math by teaching her after class.

Scholarships help girls go to school

Ethnic minority girls from rural communities are able to go to school and complete their primary education thanks to scholarships provided by Plan International.