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Case Studies

Fanta Solomon is a mother of three

Supporting Ethiopian children and their communities during the COVID-19 crisis

The amazing transformation of my village thanks to a new water supply

The amazing transformation of my village thanks to a new water supply

When 18-year-old Enana escaped her child marriage and returned to her home village in Ethiopia’s Amhara region, she was astonished to see the change that had occurred during the three years she had been away thanks to the construction of a new solar-powered water system by Plan International.

14-year-old Woyzer is a member of the Girls Advocacy Alliance

“I told my father there was no way I’d be getting married at 13”

Nyaluak, 14, visits the child friendly space run by Plan International in the  camp

My disability won’t stop me living my life

14-year-old Nyaluak and her family have been living in a refugee camp in Gambella since the beginning of 2017. While on their way to Ethiopia, they traveled for five days on foot through the forest. While moving through the forest Nyaluak was bitten by a snake on the leg. 

Hirut, 15, escaped her forced marriage and is now free to learn

“I am a free girl now, and studying hard to become a doctor”

In southern Ethiopia, the custom of abducting girls and forcing them into marriage remains a deeply rooted tradition in many communities. Hirut, 15, was just 12 when a group of men tried to kidnap her while she was on her way home from school. 


Thnat and her granddaughter

El Nino: Aid helps malnourished children recover

Plan International is providing emergency aid to the areas worst affected by the El Niño-induced drought in Northern Ethiopia to help children suffering from malnutrition.

Alemayehu, 14, is a member of a boys’ club supported by Plan International

Men speak out about FGM

Plan International Ethiopia is working alongside communities to end FGM. As a result, boys and men are taking action to protect girls from harmful practices. 

Dorite is a member of the the Uncut Girls' Club in Ethiopia. Copyright: Meeri Koutaniemi

The Uncut Girls’ Club

Over 50 inspiring girls make up the Uncut Girls’ Club, which meets in a Plan International-supported school in Bona Zuria, Ethiopia, to educate members on the consequences of Female Genital Mutilation. From there, they spread the message to help put an end to this harmful practice.