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Case Studies

Larice arriving at school

Avoiding violence on the way to school

Simple acts such as walking to school are dangerous for girls from São Luís, North East Brazil, where violence is ingrained in society. This series of photos shows how Larice, 18, avoids danger on her walk to school.

Marjorie, 16, is taking part in the Safer Cities for Girls programme in Lima

Marjorie: Police don't take harassment seriously

Marjorie has learned a lot from the Safer Cities programme and is sharing her knowledge with her female peers to keep them safe from harassment.

Father and daughter from Chimborazo, Ecuador have frank discussions about teenage pregnancy

The father-daughter team tackling teen pregnancy

This father-daughter duo knows that open discussions, education and sexual health services are all essential to reducing teenage pregnancy. 

Karla, 7, from El Salvador

Reducing risks to improve lives

See how a group of children from El Salvador, one of the most violent countries in the Americas, are taking steps to keep themselves safe in their community.

Peace activists in Buenos Aires, Colombia

Meet the young Colombians building a peaceful future

This series of photos shows how young people in Colombia are taking the lead to build peace and trust in their communities after 50 years of civil war.

Lesly: We have fun and forget about the disaster

After the floods that affected more than 130,000 children in Peru's Piura region, Plan International's response has started in earnest with the distribution of humanitarian aid to more than 3,000 affected families.

The river can take away everything except our dreams

After losing everything in the recent floods that have engulfed Peru, girls like Esther are on the road to recovery thanks to the opening of Plan International's child friendly spaces, known locally as the 'Plan of Joy'.

Erika, 10, is overcoming her fears thanks to Plan International's child friendly spaces.

Ecuador earthquake survivors share their stories

 A year on from the Ecuador earthquake of April 2016, children have learned to overcome what they have experienced and become more resilient to emergencies through child-friendly spaces installed by Plan International.

Daneli represents Latin American adolescents in Canada

Daneli is a 15 year-old Paraguayan young woman who participated in the 5th Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) from March 7th to 9th in Montreal, Canada.