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Case Studies

Football coach Chaguinha with his granddaughter Lorena

Chaguinha: football coach, girls’ rights ally and LGBTIQ+ advocate

Chaguinha is a football trainer, girl’s rights ally, LGBTIQ+ advocate, and role model to girls across his Brazilian community.

Rap group La Siembra

La Siembra: the family tackling toxic masculinity through rap

Adriana and her two daughters are helping fight machismo and gender stereotypes in Colombia through the power of rap music.

Ana, 12, raises awareness among young Venezuelan migrants about their rights

Girl helps migrants to start a new life

After migrating herself she wanted to help other migrants settle into their new lives in Peru. 

Brisa broadcasts to thousands of young people

Video: Power of radio changes girls' lives

In celebration of World Radio Day, 13th Feb, we met a girl from Nicaragua who is using the power of radio to take a stand against the problems affecting her community.

Eva, member of our 'Empowerment and Livelihood for Adolescent Girls and Young Women' Project

Building business opportunities

Plan International Haiti is committed to ensuring that all adolescents and young people have access to services and opportunities essential for their socio-economic empowerment.

17 years: From hell to hope

Charlienne: Why I’m challenging abuse

Like many girls from Brazil, Charlienne grew up in a violent household. Now, with the support of Plan International, she’s determined to challenge the deeply ingrained beliefs that lead to gender-based violence in her community.

Larice arriving at school

Avoiding violence on the way to school

Simple acts such as walking to school are dangerous for girls from São Luís, North East Brazil, where violence is ingrained in society. This series of photos shows how Larice, 18, avoids danger on her walk to school.

Marjorie, 16, is taking part in the Safer Cities for Girls programme in Lima

Marjorie: Police don't take harassment seriously

Marjorie has learned a lot from the Safer Cities programme and is sharing her knowledge with her female peers to keep them safe from harassment.

Father and daughter from Chimborazo, Ecuador have frank discussions about teenage pregnancy

The father-daughter team tackling teen pregnancy

This father-daughter duo knows that open discussions, education and sexual health services are all essential to reducing teenage pregnancy.