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Video: Power of radio changes girls' lives

In celebration of World Radio Day, 13th Feb, we met a girl from Nicaragua who is using the power of radio to take a stand against the problems affecting her community.

“I want to change my community. I want to change the lives of indigenous girls,” says Brisa, an inspiring 16-year-old girl from Nicaragua, who presents a local radio show that boldly discusses the issues within her community. An indigenous Miskito, Brisa is all too familiar with the extreme challenges girls face in the Miskito communities dotted all along the Atlantic coast in Nicaragua’s North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region (RACCN).

Tackling social issues

Brisa's programme is broadcast on a local radio station and is proving to be hugely popular among local indigenous communities. “From teen pregnancy to domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual and reproductive health – the show tackles a range of social issues affecting my people and community,” says Brisa.

The impact is evident. Brisa’s programme is listened to by thousands of young people. "One thing I like the most is to interact with the listeners. When they call I know they are getting the message," says Brisa.

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