Case Studies

Ukraine: One Year On

How we've been supporting girls, young people, and their families in Poland, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine over the past year.
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Emotional support and new opportunities for Ukrainian refugees…

Refugee centres in Poland are providing emotional support for children and vocational training for women so they can overcome their experiences of the war in Ukraine.
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“FGM is a bad memory that doesn’t fade away.”…

Despite female genital mutilation having devastating health implications for women and girls it persists as a deeply entrenched social norm rooted where violence against girls and women is socially…
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West Java earthquake-hit family receives vital support

Zaina and Lulu are among the many children directly affected by the earthquake that struck West Java. Now living in an evacuation shelter, they are receiving support from Plan International.…
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Girls in Senegal use hip hop to push for political change

Sisters Create is a project in urban Dakar run by Plan International, giving girls from poor neighbourhoods the opportunity to make art and music – specifically hip hop – to help make change…
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Young women farming their way to a more sustainable future

A new generation of entrepreneurial female farmers is using green skills to shake up farming, producing food and creating sustainable livelihoods for their communities.
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Maham has hope for reproductive rights in the USA

Maham is exploring how she can use her leadership skills to effect change in Texas, after Roe v Wade was overturned in September 2021.
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Valentine the goat breeder undeterred by the hunger crisis

Valentine, 30, is a role model in her community despite her disability. Trained and financially supported by Plan International, she was able to start a livestock activity and earn an income.…
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Youth leader acts as a voice for the displaced

Floriane, 18, is supporting food crisis and conflict-hit displaced women living in her town by talking to them and providing them with food.
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Ukrainian teen refugees share images from home

Teenage girls now living in Romania share their memories from home, via the phones they use to keep in touch with friends and family.
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Young people are stamping out period stigma

On any given day, around 300 million people globally will have their periods. But all too often, this natural and healthy part of life is seen as shameful and dirty.
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Displacement and disability

In Burkina Faso, more than one million children have been internally displaced by an upsurge in violence in the country, and their needs are complex and wide ranging. Children with disabilities…
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