Case Studies

Esther: How I’m tackling climate injustice

Climate activist Esther, 24, shares her story of resilience and determination amid the harsh realities of climate change.
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Racheal demands a political voice for girls with disabilities…

Racheal embraces her disability, becoming a political voice for all girls with disabilities when she speaks at the Human Rights Council.
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A human crisis: refugee hotspots around the world

We are witnessing the highest levels of human displacement in history. Hear from people in the refugee hotspots around the world.
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Trapped in Gaza: “I don’t want to die.”

Fatima, 23, shares her experience in Gaza and her hope for an end to the conflict.
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How is aid being delivered to Gaza?

An explanation of the critical need for basic aid in Gaza, who has been able to send aid into Gaza and how it crosses the border.
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Girls speak up about the rebuild of Ukraine

Anastasiia, a 15-year-old refugee from Ukraine living in Poland, speaks up about the role of girls in the rebuilding of her country.
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Girls transforming the world

Find out how these girls from across the globe are speaking up, getting things done and transforming the world!
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Supporting women to take the lead in renewable energy

In Senegal, Mali and Niger women are tackling stereotypes and becoming successful energy entrepreneurs! 
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The Dinner Ladies of Kilifi County

In Kilifi County, Kenya, a group of local mothers has stepped in as dinner ladies, making sure children get a hot meal – and therefore keep coming to class.
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Violence on the way to work a reality for many young women

Young women face the risk of violence on their way to work - but we're working to support their safety so girls across the globe can thrive.
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Salimata is happy to stay in school

Despite having fled violence, Salimata is still able to attend school after her family received a cash transfer from Plan International.
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Forced marriage survivor builds new life

Saoudata* is leaving forced marriage behind and is building a new life for herself as a hairdresser.
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