10 ways to respond after an earthquake  

Addressing these 10 steps early in earthquake response and recovery can minimise harm to vulnerable groups, blogs Dr Unni Krishnan.
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Governments must prioritise education in emergencies 

There are 222 million children and adolescents globally – more than half of these girls - who are affected by the horrors of war, disaster and displacement, who urgently require education…
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Plan International is Pleasure Positive!

How can sex positivity contribute to a world where all children, adolescents and youth in all their diversity can learn, lead, decide and thrive?
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On International Day of Education, we must prioritise girls…

Millions of girls living through humanitarian crises are being deprived of their right to go to school. We must fund education for girls in crisis, blog Plan International CEO Stephen Omollo…
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Local partners provide lifesaving services to survivors of gender-based…

A partner-led response is at the heart of our work across the Ukraine refugee crisis.
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The story of 2022 and girls’ rights

As we look to the future, fuelled by our new global strategy, we aim to improve the lives of 200 million girls in the next 5 years.
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Forward-thinking response to migrant crisis saves lives and…

It’s our collective responsibility to ensure that children and their families are protected and can live up to their full potential.
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Inclusion is better for everyone but children with disabilities…

New data shows that shows that children with disabilities are six times less likely to be in school than children without disabilities.
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Violence against young women keeps them out of politics: it’s…

Our dream is to make society safe for women and girls who want to participate in politics, blogs Keiver from Colombia.
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In Mali’s hunger crisis, girls are paying the highest…

We call on donors and leaders to meet urgent humanitarian needs in Mali, and prioritise age and gender-sensitive responses.
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Soul searching on child, early and forced marriages and unions…

Child marriage programmes will only lead to long-term, gender-transformative change for girls’ lives if they address the subject of sexuality.
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A global food crisis with a child’s face

We must acknowledge the gendered impacts of hunger, and prioritise child safety, gender equity and dignity in our response to the growing crisis, writes Benyam Dawit Mezmur.
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