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Sponsorship FAQs

I don’t live in a country where Plan has a fundraising office. How can I sponsor a child?

Simply select the country through which you would prefer to sponsor a child from the list on the sponsor a child page.

I want to sponsor a child - but not through the country where I live

That’s fine. Just select the country through which you would prefer to sponsor a child. Note that if you sponsor through the country where you live, Plan can often reclaim the tax on your sponsorship – to the benefit of the communities that we support. In other countries where a tax benefit is assigned to the donor, an individual will only be able to claim a tax deduction on income earned in that country.

How will I benefit?

As a sponsor, you will get regular updates about our work in the country and community where the child you sponsor lives. You can also enjoy a unique cultural exchange by writing and receiving letters. We encourage sponsors to send messages, photos and postcards, and even to visit, if they are able.  All communications and visits are arranged through our offices, for child protection reasons.

How will the sponsor child benefit from the money I provide?

Your money does not go to the individual child that you sponsor. So that Plan can make efficient use of funds, the money is pooled with contributions from other sponsors to support programmes benefiting communities worldwide.

In planning programmes, Plan talks to communities, parents and children about how we can work together to provide lasting improvements in children’s lives.

You’ll find more detailed answers to your questions on the website of the Plan fundraising country through which you choose to sponsor a child.