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From disaster relief to recovery projects, Plan works to protect the rights of children and young people during emergencies.

In 2013, Plan provided life-saving humanitarian assistance, protection, education and emotional support in 54 disasters across the world.

We don’t stop when the news cameras go home but focus on children’s long-term needs, providing recovery programmes and developing disaster risk reduction strategies.

Children recover more quickly when they are involved in rebuilding their community so we ensure that children and young people take part in our disaster response.

Global leader

Plan is now recognised as a global leader in child-centred disaster risk reduction. Preparation can make all the difference when the worst happens and we work with children, communities, and government agencies to identify disaster risks and strengthen their resilience.

We make sure that children have a significant voice in decision-making and support them to deal with disasters and think through sustainable solutions.

Prepared for disasters

When warnings were issued for the March 2011 tsunami, children in Indonesia, Philippines, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama evacuated people to safe places and took other early action, thanks to our disaster risk reduction work.

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Case studies

Dominican Republic: Be alert to disaster!

Dominican Republic: Be alert to disaster!

When Hurricane Tomas threatened the Dominican Republic last November hundreds of children were fully prepared to protect themselves, thanks to Plan’s disaster risk reduction training.

Vietnam: Tackling disaster risks

Vietnam: Tackling disaster risks

Watch this video developed by children in Vietnam on their experience of Typhoon Ketsana and how they plan to protect their communities from future disasters.