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Our future, our say

Our-future-our-say-large coverAuthor: Plan
File size: 2.1mb
Number of pages: 7
Published: 2005

An important aspect of Plan’s approach is to encourage children to participate actively and genuinely in their own development. The dreams, opinions and frustrations featured here are echoed across the world as children demand progress on the promises made, insist that their rights are respected and call on world leaders to do the job that they and their predecessors committed to undertake.

Children have fundamental rights, not least of which is the right to participate in their own development. To do this genuinely, they need appropriate opportunities to address decision-makers at all levels, from parents to world leaders.

With Plan’s support, children from the Philippines, Ecuador, Colombia, the Netherlands and Malawi have debated how or if their lives changed in the five years after the Millennium Development Goals were established. Excerpts of the results are published here and represent a fascinating insight into the realities facing those who matter most – the children themselves. What emerges from the contributions is a sense of realism, frustration, responsibility and optimism, reinforced by a depth of understanding of the immediate and wider issues involved.

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