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After the Earthquake: Nepal's Children Speak Out


To understand how children were affected by the two earthquakes in Nepal, and to learn more about their ongoing needs, Plan International, Save the Children, World Vision and UNICEF worked together to produce this report. They met with 1,800 children in 14 of the most severely affected districts of the country.

"The findings powerfully demonstrate the severe impact of the earthquakes on children.

Many of their immediate concerns relate to their current living conditions. The three priority issues of concern identified by children were:

• the inadequacy and insecurity of tents and other temporary shelters in which many are living as a result of destruction or damage to their homes

• the impact of school closures on their learning and social interaction and a desire by many to return to education

• the lack of access to safe water supplies, sanitation and medical care and the resulting fears for their health and that of family and community members."

  • Earthquake Recovery Consultation