Plan International Nepal Annual Highlights 2019

Thu 5 Mar 2020

Plan International Nepal Annual Highlights 2019

Plan International Nepal Annual Highlights 2019 cover
Plan International Nepal Annual Highlights 2019 cover

This report covers the activities of Plan International Nepal between July 2018 and June 2019. During the period, we operated in 24 districts and were able to impact the lives of 182,000 children through our various programmes. We continued to work together with development partners in collaboration with the government of Nepal and other stakeholders.

This year our programmes were dedicated to the promotion of gender equality. As an impact, girls and boys have become more vocal in addressing harmful traditional issues like child marriage and Chhaupadi, a practice of isolating girls during their periods. Young women have been economically empowered, enrolling themselves in skills training programmes. 

We continued the Girls Takeover in 300 community radio stations, as 300 girls took over to raise awareness about the inequalities they face in their lives across the country. Among these girls, 20 have now become regular radio hosts after the takeovers. To amplify young people’s voices, with girls at the forefront, we launched Girls Get Equal, a social change campaign in Nepal.

For more please download the report that highlights the activities and key figures associated with our programmes including the financial figures. We would like to thank our supporters, partners and team members for making this a successful year working towards equality in Nepal. 

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