Vocational student turned entrepreneur

Meet Dhanmaya, who, through education and entrepreneurship, overcame adversity to open her own shop and become self-dependent.

Dhanmaya standing inside her grocery shop.
Dhanmaya runs a grocery shop in her community.

A journey of determination and resilience

Dhanmaya’s life took an unexpected turn when, at the age of 17, she got married based on her parents’ choice. Despite her young age, she was determined to prioritise her education. She continued her studies in Grade 11 even after marriage, demonstrating her commitment to learning. However, her dreams of both education and a happy married life were short-lived.

Dhanmaya’s marital life took a difficult path as her husband began mistreating and belittling her. The love and care she had hoped for vanished, leaving her in a difficult situation. But she did not let this hold her back. She told us, “In the face of challenges, I found my inner strength.”

In search of a better life for herself and her daughter, she left her husband and moved to Pokhara, where she stayed with her aunt.

The turning point

Uncertain about her future and job prospects, Dhanmaya’s life took a positive turn when she learned about the Promoting Young Women in Employment Project (PYWEP) in Pokhara through a sister affiliated with Right4Children. The free training offered by PYWEP provided her with an opportunity to acquire valuable skills.

Before the training, Dhanmaya had little knowledge of what it meant to be a salesperson. She had only observed goods being sold in shops but had no insight into the complexities of the role. The training equipped her with essential skills, including customer interaction, inventory management, and financial calculations.

“In the face of challenges, I found my inner strength.”


Becoming self-dependent

Empowered by the newfound skills and courage, Dhanmaya decided to venture into entrepreneurship. She received support from the project to start her own grocery shop. Recognising the lack of similar businesses in her hometown, she made the wise decision to open her shop there, which proved to be successful.

Her earnings, approximately Rs. 16,000 (USD 120) per month, reflect the success of her venture. The financial independence she gained through entrepreneurship has brought about a positive transformation in her life.

A journey of personal growth and happiness

Dhanmaya’s transformation extends beyond financial independence. She no longer feels the isolation and sadness that once plagued her. The psychosocial, life skills, and protection training she received have equipped her with the tools to overcome emotional challenges and build resilience.

She now finds happiness and purpose in her life. Her newfound confidence, courage, and determination drive her to achieve her goals. She recognises the significant role that the training, along with the support of Right4Children and Plan International Nepal, has played in shaping her future.

“With the right support, we can rise from any situation.”


Dhanmaya expresses her gratitude to these organisations for their pivotal role in her life. “With the right support, we can rise from any situation.”

She acknowledges the positive impact they’ve had on her confidence, happiness and the bright future she envisions for both herself and her daughter. Dhanmaya’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of education and skills training, offering hope and inspiration to others facing similar challenges.

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