Appeal for positive representation of girls in Nepal’s cinema

27 June 2021

Following research by Plan International and Docskool, girls and young women from Nepal are calling for positive representation in their country’s film industry.

On 2 June 2021, Plan International released a research paper called ‘Representation of Women and Girls in Nepal’s Cinema’ written by Plan International Nepal and Docskool.

The paper reveals that Nepali films perpetuate harmful stereotypes preventing girls and young women from fulfilling their potential. The research also shows that women and girls are rarely presented as leaders, and even when they are in leadership positions they are far more likely than men to be sexually objectified. 

Call for change

The research was released on the first day of ‘Let’s SHE-NEMA’, a 4-day symposium. The letter is read out on the fourth and final day of the symposium on 5 June 2021 amidst film stakeholders such as producers, directors, and actors from Nepal’s cinema and art sector. 

This paper is an appeal to filmmakers, film professionals, actors, and cinema policy makers from young women and girls in Nepal. Plan International Nepal’s champions from it’s Girls Get Equal campaign drafted this promise paper as a reaction after learning the realities of how women and girls have been represented in Nepal’s cinema so far.

Equal representation

This letter is framed after multiple discussions with the girls. It is a positive call to filmmakers and film policy makers to consider equal representation of all genders and races. 

The full letter is available to download below.

girls' letter to the film industry


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