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Health in Nepal

A better future for children through good health practices.

We are committed to reducing mortality rates amongst mothers and newborn babies and reducing the incidence and severity of disabilities through prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. We also focus on supporting communities to have better access clean water and sanitation facilities. 

To achieve this, we work shoulder to shoulder with communities, local government and children’s clubs to raise awareness and bring about long-lasting, positive change.

Last year, 15 new village development committees (VDCs) declared themselves open defecation-free, bringing the total to 39, and today, 560,000 people, 225,000 of them children, in over 100,000 households live in healthy and clean villages.

Over 10,000 members of 1,400 pregnant women’s groups in operation last year were better prepared to give birth and increased the demand for maternal and child health services. The 29 new birthing centres we have established in remote villages have helped hundreds of pregnant women to deliver safely. Through our powerful partnerships with local communities, together we are transforming lives.