Case Studies

Lila can finally play football at her school in Bangaldesh

Overcoming great challenges, Lila became an agent of change and brought about positive impacts for her school and community
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Meet the girl keeping her community safe from disasters in Nepal…

Although Nirmala is from a marginalised community, she has learned leadership skills and is taking the lead on preparing her community for disasters, following training from Plan International.…
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Female leaders emerge from safe schools project in Nepal

A Plan International Nepal project to support schools to prepare for and respond to disasters has seen women increase their confidence and take leading roles in society.
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Stopping child marriage through poetry

A poetry book written by a teacher in Bangladesh is being used by girls to prevent child marriages.
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Student task force identifies local disaster risks

Shadona, 14, from Bangladesh, is leading a student task force to identify and mitigate risks caused by disasters in her school and community.
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From Words to Actions: Youth Activists Calling for an End to…

The third regional forum on eliminating child, early and forced marriage provided the space for youth advocates across the region to raise their voices
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The Light Web: The online platform keeping girls away from the…

Online spaces have evolved the potential risks of child marriage, and the Girls' Rights Platform aims to directly combat this
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The Future Is Not Written: The Young Husband and Wife Committee…

Pressured into early marriage, Mai and Lua still actively advocate for girls' rights in their local community
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Myths and Embarrassment Dismantled: Teenagers getting appropriate…

Reprodutiva, an app providing young women with sexual and reproductive health information in a confidential and safe online environment
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Taking Down Teenage Taboos: Talking about Sex to Prevent and…

Teenagers in northern Thailand are talking openly about the myths of sex, the dangers and risks of early pregnancy, marrying too young and how to put a condom on
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From Child Bride to Budding Entrepreneur: The young woman determined…

Being a mother at 16, Kate manages to be a successful entrepreneur
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Street artist warns against child marriage

Sabina uses her street performance to inform her audience about child marriage
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