Asia-Pacfic Regional Influencing and Program Roadmap

June 2020 – June 2025

Influencing Overview

Asia-Pacific’s regional level influencing seeks to ensure that girls and young women in Asia-Pacific experience major increases in their ability to make decisions about their lives and engage in collective action to shape the world around them by 2025. We will do this by including young people in policy and practice discourse at all levels especially adolescents in all their diversity. We will prioritise the most pressing issues girls are facing in the region, drawing from the analysis and strategic plans of our Asia-Pacific country and national offices as well as regional hub knowledge of the regional influencing landscape and the opportunities and challenges present within it.

Strategic Approach

Strong partnerships will be forged with our country offices, with partner civil society organizations, government institutions, regional bodies, and other relevant stakeholders. The priorities and strategies identified will not only impact the influencing work at the regional level but will also contribute to the influencing goals of country offices and Plan International’s Global Advocacy Strategy.

The roadmap reflects synergy among all priority areas and its success is also contingent in cross-cutting initiatives to promote sustainable collective action by young people. The creation of the Asia-Pacific Action Network for Gender Equality will amplify the targets set in all priority areas.

Across all priority areas, the work of providing our primary stakeholders with support and space to meaningfully participate in regional influencing and other forms of activism has been identified. We believe that their voices in any effort to eliminate Child, Early, and Forced Marriage in the region should be heard, and in ensuring that adolescent girls’ needs are integrated in national, regional, and global development, humanitarian, and climate justice action plans consistent with our Girls Get Equal Campaign.

Our regional priorities